Most people don’t think about washing their roofs, but the results speak for themselves! Our zero-impact process involves a low-pressure soap process that kills, remove, and control black algae stains and moss. In areas with high rain precipitation, this service is essential in keeping your roof looking pristine. We can wash all types of roofing materials including asphalt shingle, clay tiles, metal, and cedar shake. Soft washing is safe for your roof because the pressure is very low. After we finish washing you’ll see a clear difference!

Most homeowners clean their house’s interior regularly. But what about your exterior? When it comes to cleaning your home’s siding, windows, roof, gutters, stucco, hardy board, painted and stained wood, and sidewalks the job might seem impossible. With years of experience and professional tools, Callaghan’s Softwash can take care of all your exterior cleaning needs. Your home has never looked better than after we’ve cleaned!

What is soft washing? Our complete exterior home or building soft wash is a low-pressure soap application that removes stains and dirt from any material. After washing, we use low pressure, high volume rinse to remove discoloration. Both of the processes are done with electric pumps, and there is no pressure washing involved. Want to brighten up your home? Windows and screens are included in our house wash package!

Callaghan’s Softwash team always takes great care and all precautions when dealing with your landscaping, home, and ourselves. We always work in two or three-person teams

First-person is the “dedicated ground man.” Their job is to continuously water the ground, plants, and home during the entire time.

The second person is the one who is fully trained to spray the soft wash chemical on the roof.

The third person is only used when needed to assist with the rinsing of chemicals and grounds on larger jobs.

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