Most people don’t think about washing their roofs, but the results speak for themselves! Our zero-impact process involves a low-pressure soap process that kills, remove, and control black algae stains and moss. In areas with high rain precipitation, this service is essential in keeping your roof looking pristine. We can wash all types of roofing materials including asphalt shingle, clay tiles, metal, and cedar shake. Soft washing is safe for your roof because the pressure is very low. After we finish washing you’ll see a clear difference!

Our soft wash process relies on our soaps that will remove and return your moss-covered, black algae stained roof to its original brand new clean and bright condition as it looked when it was first installed. Our soaps will also protect your roof in the future from any more moss or algae growth on your roof. This is all done without the use of a pressure washer or brushing on your roof. All roof staining will be gone when we are done your roof clean. Moss on your roof that is treated with our soaps will die, turn to dust and gently release itself from your roof disappearing with the wind or rain in the coming two to six months.

We do offer a careful manual moss removal for those that are looking for an instant moss free roof along with our soft wash service. This costs more and has is not as gentle on your roof’s shingles as only soft washing your roof. The only benefit to manually removing the moss is typically for people that are selling their homes and want an instant moss free look for prospective buyers. We encourage all to go with the soft wash only and let our soaps do all the work as this is the most gentle way to return your roof to look bright, clean, and brand new again! We soft wash clean asphalt shingle, clay tile, concrete tile, aluminum, and metal roofs.

Callaghan’s SoftwashRoof Cleaning fully complies with the asphalt shingle and tile roof manufacturers guidelines (A.R.M.A.). We guarantee that our roof cleaner will not harm your roof. Our soft wash cleaning solution is made up of algaecides mildewcides, soaps, and water. Our soft wash, no pressure, roof cleaning system is the safest and longest-lasting for all asphalt shingle, tile, and metal roofs in Chilliwack & The Fraser Valley. The soft wash system we use kills and removes the moss, algae, mold, and mildew that are discoloring your tile, metal, or shingle roof. Then the growth retardant roof treatment we mix in our soap will ensure that your soft wash roof cleaning will stay beautiful for much longer than roofs cleaned any other way.

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