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Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters

Mineral compounds can cause your water to smell or taste bad, and no one wants that. Our team can install carbon filters for your sinks and faucets so that your water is pure every time. We have two types of carbon available for our carbon filters. The first, GAC, or Granulated Activated Carbon, is efficient at removing Chlorine, organic materials, and some Sulfur and Hydrogen Sulfide. Our second option is a centaur carbon, which is more effective at removing Sulfur compounds and Hydrogen Sulfide.

Depending on your water’s composition, we’ll recommend a carbon filter that can purify and filter all of your water. Whether you need installations for bathroom sinks, showers, faucets, or kitchen tap, we can install filters to guarantee great-tasting water for years to come. All of our carbon filters require periodic backwashing to remove the buildup of contaminants from the surface of the carbon. Carbon filters have a very high capacity but must occasionally be replaced.

If you ever need your carbon filters replaced, call the professionals at Aquatech for quick, quality water filter replacements.

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